Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Common Questions About The Johnson Road Executive Office Parc Condominiums

Frequently asked questions about the Johnson Road Executive Office Parc Condominiums are:

1.  Who runs the association and are the costs affordable?  

It is operated by TX Office Suites – the builder-developer, with no management fees to the owners. The low Association fees are collected on a quarterly basis to pay the shared building maintenance and exterior utilities. At the time of final completion of the third building, TX Office Suites will hold an owners' meeting and they will decide who will operate the association in the future.

2.  What happens if my business out-grows my current site?  

Each owner may sell or lease the space or may purchase additional space within this complex or on adjoining land. Your office is an appreciating asset and can provide you with long-term retirement assistance.

3.  What businesses are permitted?  

The Johnson Road Executive Office Parc is designed for professional businesses and is non-retail. In other words, you will not be next door to a donut shop, restaurant, dry cleaner or convenience store.

4.  What are the benefits of owning an office condominium?  

Aside from sharing the infrastructure expenses, the Association provides each owner the freedom to concentrate solely on their business, rather than dealing with building operations and other exterior issues.

For additional details, please feel free to browse our website www.TXOfficeSuites.com or call 817-223-9907 for a personalized tour.