Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Striving For Financial Freedom: TX Office Suites Is Founded

I became a huge Robert Kiyosaki fan during 2004, after a co-worker of mine loaned me the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad." I quickly realized that working for someone else was not the answer in securing my financial freedom. Although, I had earned a decent retirement in my former life, this income would not allow me the additional financial freedom that I wanted and would not adequately protect me and my family in the case of catastrophic illness or injury.

I was determined to devote my time to my other love in life, which was designing and building and at that time I developed a time line to create a company devoted to that end. By 2006, I founded TX Office Suites on the principals of integrity, quality and affordability. We began designing, building and selling ultra energy efficient commercial office space.

One of the reasons I chose to pursue the building profession was the experience I gained while being transferred throughout the country. It didn't matter where I went, I wound up purchasing newer construction and soon recognized the poor workmanship, the lack of quality construction, the lack of energy efficiency and the high prices. As energy prices continued to rise, so did my frustration. I felt I was receiving little value for my investment and the only reason I was not losing money was due to the appreciating home values during that time and we all learned, those times are over.

As we began designing and building, we learned as my father constantly "preached", it does not cost that much more in time or money to do it right the first time. I soon discovered the results have far reaching impact on the health and quality of life for the buyer, not to mention the lack of call backs and remediation.So how does all this relate to securing ones financial freedom? To be successful in most fields, one has to create a win - win scenario for the buyer - seller, retailer -customer, doctor - patient. By providing a speciality service or delivering something of significant value for a reasonable price, while servicing and standing behind that product becomes the building blocks for a successful business. You are creating an allegiance or loyalty with your customer/client which you will need before you can take your business and life to that next level. Your reputation means everything and this is where it all begins.

In my next Blog, I will be discussing specific areas to concentrate on during these tough economic times.