Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One of the Benefits of Office Condo Ownership

An important and beneficial feature of Office Condo ownership is sharing building expenses based on percentage of ownership. The following shared expenses are also required for individual building owners, but those costs become the entire responsibility of the single owner.  

Examples of shared ownership include:
  • the cost of building ample parking, 
  • creating green landscaped space around the building, 
  • designing retention/detention areas for drainage, 
  • building and maintaining street monument signage, 
  • trash pickup, 
  • exterior maintenance, 
  • exterior lighting, 
  • landscape maintenance, 
  • water, sewer, 
  • liability insurance, and
  • fire sprinkler and/or fire hydrant systems as required by city code.  

As a general rule of thumb, TX Office Suites ensures our condo fees are significantly lower than area lease rate triple net or cam fees, primarily because of our lower costs associated with maintaining new quality construction, the lack of additional property management fees and our ability to provide competitive costs on landscaping, utility and maintenance contracts.  

We'd love to hear your questions and demonstrate the benefits of office ownership. Visit our website at www.TxOfficeSuites.com or call us at 817-223-9907. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Guarantee To You

The following warranties against construction defects are included in the purchase of an office building and condo:
  1. Roof – 30 year multi tab shingles
  2. Engineered Foundation – 10 year
  3. HVAC (Parts) – 5 years
  4. Plumbing & Appliances – 2 years
  5. Electrical & Fixtures – 2 years
  6. Windows – 10 years
  7. Exterior Doors – 5 years
  8. Interior Cosmetic Blemishes – 2 years
  9. Building Exterior and Parking Lot – Lifetime
  10. Landscaping - Lifetime
This builder is also covered by a $2 million insurance policy to protect buyers against defective workmanship in the design and construction of this project. Individual appliance warranties may extend actual coverage.

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