Monday, December 15, 2014

2015 Buyer's Incentive Program

Simplified Buying or Building Process:

Our clients do not have to spend countless hours shopping for loans and meeting with mortgage lenders who may or may not understand your business. We’ve streamlined this process for our clients by coordinating all phases of the purchasing process from loan application to closing. We have a concierge loan process with our lenders who will meet with our clients and find them the best overall loan to fit their budget. This includes determining if SBA, medical, or conventional loans are the most cost effective in the short and long term for each client. Current loans are available as low as 2.99%.

Custom Design:

Whether our client is purchasing office space or building a freestanding building, our staff of talented architects, engineers and designers can design state-of-the-art office, medical, or restaurant buildings. To save our client’s time and stress, we arrange a complementary meeting with our experts who will design the space according to our client’s needs.

No Stress Building Process:

No-stress finance program! Our expert Commercial Realtors are committed to finding the best site and best price for our clients, whether it is on one of our low cost building sites or throughout any other community. We provide our clients with the latest commercial demographic studies, comps and future proposed zoning developments, so our clients are able to make the best informed decision.

The building process can take from 3 – 9 months, depending on the design phase, city zoning and plan approvals. Our lots are already approved for immediate construction. Once we initiate building, we continually coordinate with the client to ensure their overall satisfaction.

Turn-key Moving Process:

Once the building is complete and the city has granted a Certificate of Occupancy, we notify all of our client’s customers via the media of their new office address. We will even host an Open House for our client’s customers.

We will then move our client’s office furniture to their new location at no cost and will help coordinate their IT setup.

If our client requires office furniture or equipment, our specialty vendors can sell or lease any quantity at the best rates. We will also coordinate the delivery at the time of occupancy.

Business Development on Steroids:

Finally, after moving into your new, energy efficient office, take your business to the next level, with a Free, 3-month marketing program conducted by a national marketing firm in Dallas.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Common Questions About The Johnson Road Executive Office Parc Condominiums

Frequently asked questions about the Johnson Road Executive Office Parc Condominiums are:

1.  Who runs the association and are the costs affordable?  

It is operated by TX Office Suites – the builder-developer, with no management fees to the owners. The low Association fees are collected on a quarterly basis to pay the shared building maintenance and exterior utilities. At the time of final completion of the third building, TX Office Suites will hold an owners' meeting and they will decide who will operate the association in the future.

2.  What happens if my business out-grows my current site?  

Each owner may sell or lease the space or may purchase additional space within this complex or on adjoining land. Your office is an appreciating asset and can provide you with long-term retirement assistance.

3.  What businesses are permitted?  

The Johnson Road Executive Office Parc is designed for professional businesses and is non-retail. In other words, you will not be next door to a donut shop, restaurant, dry cleaner or convenience store.

4.  What are the benefits of owning an office condominium?  

Aside from sharing the infrastructure expenses, the Association provides each owner the freedom to concentrate solely on their business, rather than dealing with building operations and other exterior issues.

For additional details, please feel free to browse our website or call 817-223-9907 for a personalized tour.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Is It Time To Move To A New Office?

When is the right time to consider moving your office? As a business grows, it’s important to remember that outgrowing office space doesn’t always have to do with size. As your company matures, so does your image. Does your current location project the professional image you desire and your clients expect? A business in a commercial area could increase your exposure to the community, attracting more clientele.

In addition to professional image, there are many more factors to consider before moving to a new office space. As you weigh the pros and cons of this important decision, ask yourself these questions:
  1. Are you working in cramped quarters that’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter?  
  2. Do you or your employees miss work due to illness? 
  3. Are you adding new employees or has your current location’s demographics changed?  
  4. Are you paying high utilities and high common area maintenance fees? 
  5. Is your landlord not responsive?  
  6. Are your frustrated with your commute or lack of parking for your clients?
  7. Is your rent and additional fees taking a huge bite out of your budget?
  8. Is your company stagnant? 

Why not consider moving to a brand new professional, energy efficient executive office, in the dynamic and growing City of Keller and turn your rent into an equity building machine?

We will design your custom floor plan to fit your current needs as well as planning for future growth and the best part is, your rent will now begin to build equity for your company. You will find yourself with other professionals who can help your business grow.  It’s called the new business synergy.

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